Man woman unisex beaded bracelet: dark metallic green, metallic red, yellow gold, silver SuperDuo, black silver seeds Czech glass beads.At first we pay attention to the fact that our bracelet is thin and solid. Some wristbands are quite poor quality, and the bead edges can cut these threads and become a waste of your hands. Let’s pay attention to that.
Then, if you are going to use a single color bead, you should definitely use motifs such as your initials, such as a heart motif, between your beads. Otherwise it looks pretty unappealing.
If you are going to use various types of beads, let’s be careful that the beads are compatible with each other. Of course all of the beads should also be careful to match the rope of the bracelet. You need to look at the whole wristband with a holistic view.
Some wristbands require you to knock some knots. Be careful that your knot is also aesthetic.

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