Funky Fabric website - fabric and patterns plus patterns and a boat load of other goodies!Let us think of what gives us to recognize fabrics. It helps me know what we’re paying first and foremost. For example, when we touch the fabrci, we can understand that the blouse we bought because we thought it was silk, the one we put on and the day we sweated is synthetic. But now it is too late. If we get caught, we will take care of it, we will know how often we should wash the product. This extends the life of the product.
Some women like to take fabric and sew it. However, if the woman who first took the fabric and then ran to her tail does not know enough of the fabrics, she shows the model in the magic style and says “I want this!” , the response of the tailor is probably ‘This fabric is not suitable for this model’. Knowing the short fabrics makes shopping easier.

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