Peltier woodstove fan. The fan gets its power from a peltier element that is used in reverse, i.e. it is generating electricity from the heat given off from the stove top.

It is now possible to turn the heat energy into electricity while at the same time maintaining the continuity of the firewood fire.

The appliance, which is produced by hand at home, attracts a lot of attention. This product, which is a reservoir containing an element called peltier, converts heat energy into electrical energy.

Thanks to the turbulence chamber in the device, the oxygen is distributed in equal amounts, providing complete combustion and efficiency, as well as generating new energy. This device, which can generate electricity, is an individual for those who can not give up nature and technology. You can also use this method when camping.

Also, in the 3rd world countries, which have benefited much from fire, this device seems to be used both for cooking and for generating electricity.


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