8 Clever Uses for Silica Gel - When most people get a packet of silica gel in a shoe box or beef jerky packet, their instinct is to toss it. But savvy DIYers have long known that the omnipresent desiccants are good for a lot more than keeping jerky dry. Here are a few uses:

Silica gel prevents these moisture related problems before they begin. Because producers know this, they put silica gel on electronics, textiles, photographic machines, leather products, pharmaceutical products and various product shipments. Silica gel creates a sheltered dry air shield in a certain enclosed area. Silica gel has many uses and most of them are aimed at preventing moisture damage. Drying of wetted electronic products, drying and storage of leather products, drying of flowers without loss of color and forms, in dry bags used in water sports, in underwater cameras, in the packaging of textiles and electronic products, in various tools, in transformers, optical instruments, metal and machine parts, archives and libraries. , medicine and vitamin packs, food packages, art works and paintings, seeds and many other places where it is not desired to be affected by moisture.


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