SURVCO Tactical Credit Card Ax - Slim enough to carry in your wallet, the Credit Card Ax is a serious survival tool. It’s made of 12-gauge stainless with a transformer design that you can turn into an actual axe with a makeshift handle & a few zip ties.

This axe has been crafted with stainless steel exactly in size of a credit  card in order to make it possible to carry it in a wallet. The credit card sized axe is composed of two main parts that can be assembled and disassembled when required. It has a transforming design. It can easily be turned into a sharp axe when combined with ax handle. So it is literally an axe that can be carried in your pocket.

To craft such an useful object, the necessary tools are required in order to cut the stainless steel plate and sharpen it to make an axe.

Full size is 620X973 (Link to full-size image) pixels.

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