Spray sea shells with Painters Touch Gloss in Crystal Clear to return the beautiful natural color and pattern to the shells
Sea shells are a natural material that can be used for a long time thanks to their durability. Because, they have a natural pattern, they are very suitable for use in decorations. If you have decided to use these shells as decorative products, or if you have used them before as a decorative product, now we have an idea for them to look better.

If you have sea shells for your decorative use, I will tell you how you can get a better look before you use these shells.

Source: Did You Try To Spray The Sea Shells To Make Them Natural?

Before you start designing, be sure to try this method.

All you need to do is to shine these seashells with a sparkling spray. You can use this spray to brighten your seashells, which are often used by painters to show their paintings more vividly. This spray can easily be found.

Before applying spray paint on the sea shells, be sure to fix them, because the spray can move from where they are with the paint, causing the spray to contaminate the unwanted places.

Also take some time to dry the seashells after spraying.

It is also important to note that they have been well cleaned before applying a brightening spray to the sea shells. If there is soil or other dirt on them, they may prevent the appearance of the shine after dying. It mixes with the spray and produces a distorted image. For this reason, you should first clean the shells beautifully.

In fact, cleaning is very simple. If you need to clear a lot of sea shells, boil them in water by filling them in an oven. This way it will be cleaned from dirt during boiling. Boiling does not harm their structure because the shells are durable.

With a rough estimate, a one-minute boiling time is enough for a medium-sized fire. On the contrary, you can free it from the dirt by freezing it in the ice without boiling. This will make the shells stronger, but you may need to repeat this practice at least three times until all the dirt is removed from the sea breeze. A good thing about freezing is that the bad smells that come from boiling do not appear during the freezing process.

As mentioned here, a third method other than the two methods is the vacuum method. This method is not widely known by everyone. Here, too, I would like to mention this method as an additional benefit that you will not find anywhere else.

For this method, if you try to pull the sea shell from jar and pull it with vacuum, you can remove the dirt on the shell and crust inside without damaging the sea shell. Because the seaweed will be more robust thanks to the vacuuming, you will be better off spending the time you spend.

After completing the cleaning process, you can shine the sea bark, which you are sure it to be dry, with spray paint as I said at the beginning of the article and let it dry for a while.

In fact, all you must do is just that simple. During drying, keep away from dusty media so that dust particles adhere to the wet paint that does not cause a matte appearance.

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