Roman Ridgeline King single Dome Canvas Swag

Camping with a tent or sleeping bag is an experience that should be experienced in autumn, winter and spring seasons when you have the proper equipment. We will give you tips on what to consider when camping with 10 important tips we will discuss here.

1. Should I use cotton or plastic?

A cotton fabric tent is better than a plastic cloth. Cotton breathes before anything else, but if it gets wet, a cotton tent becomes too heavy due to moisture and cannot be packed. Plastic tents are always lightweight, non-absorbent, and can survive in all weather conditions.

2. What should I pay attention to in the setup?

Flatten the surface as much as possible to keep it resistant to precipitation. Be careful to carry your tent in a folded manner on its sheath to prevent freezing. Check the floor well during setup.

Source: 10 Important Tips for Staying Hot in The Tent and Sleeping Bag For Campers

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