Dinosaur Amigurumi Toy with Egg Dino in Egg Dinosaur by dsgnGrlWe start by making the magic ring in the first stage. We put a finger in the thread because it is a thread and we take out a stitch and make a needle frequently. Then we put 6 needles into the ring that formed. After finishing the needles, we pull the yarn and tighten it. So there is no gap between them.
We started to knit. We have 6 needles in the magic ring and we start to increase and we grow up to the size we want. In the first stage, in the second round, we sink two times in each loom and make frequent needle. Afterwards, we make a needle up to 1 stitch and 2 stitches to the next stitch to make the desired size. We do this as much as we want to paint.
Exchanges can also be done by jumping the needle 1 frequently. But I am subtracting the amigurumi secret. So I take two loops side by side and I sew them together. This is a secret subtraction.
I also made edits and it’s time to finish. After filling the fiber into the amigurumi, we can finish the process.

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