how to make a leather tassel

Tassels have entered the accessories in recent years and their usage areas have become very popular. Tassels are among the most trendy earrings models. In clothes, in shirts, wefts and berets can be used as tufts and at home how to make easy tufts It is possible to make tassels in 2 minutes. How are these tassels done?

Cut the colored suede with scissors at intervals until a 2 cm gap in the tip of the colored suede is not cut. Roll the pieces of suede suede, curl it and fix it by binding with the same color yarns, use it as hanging ornaments on the keychains, use it as a long necklace holder, you use your bags as decoration.

You can also apply this work to artificial or natural leathers. You can also do it on leash fabrics, it will be enough for the fabric to be a bit stiff.

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