Visual Function: An Introduction to Information Design - Paul Mijksenaar - Google Books

The tree trunks have now begun to replace the middle tables. You can also start using wooden stools in bathrooms, living rooms or bedrooms. The tops of the tree logs can be smoothed and mirrored as a glass base. Wooden logs, which are more useful than glass or cardboard coasters, will give the house a new look.

You can create or buy various vase models by giving different shapes to the tree logs. By placing three pieces of wood on top of each other, you can get a simple middle table. It is now in your hands to show your creativity on tree trunks. It is also possible to use the tree logs in the kitchen. You can find tree logs in ovaries or snack plate shapes in many stores.
You can create stylish pots from tree logs. You can have creative stools by making cushions on the wood logs.

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