Clean Rusty Cast Iron—No Self-cleaning Oven Required Don’t toss out dirty, rusted cast-iron cookware. Restore pieces to their original lust...We put 1-2 spoons of lemon juice in a plastic container and pour boiling water on it. We throw the rusty stuff into this water and wait for a while. After a while the water will turn green and the rust will be cleaned. At the end of this practice it is normal for the batter to be blacked out.
Vinegar is another low-density acid that we often have in our homes. In particular, pure vinegar (vinegar spirit) is successful in rust clearing. Apply the varnish to a rusty surface and rub it with a hard sponge. We can continue this process until the rust is removed. If you are cleaning a surface that is likely to be scratched when you are rubbed, we should pour vinegar over the surface and dilute it with water for a while.


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