Scarf for men. ~Its very simple: just 1 sc, 1 chain. In the next row, make sc where there was a chain and 1 chain where there was a sc~

Scarfs in different colors and designs are among the indispensable accessories of men in winter fashion. Let us explain the making of a simple and stylish knitted male scarf model that will accompany your loved ones on a cold day and keep them warm while winter is not over yet.

A 5 mm or 6 mm swab should be used for this model, which can be used both in sportswear and in a stylish suit. Again, you have to supply a rope of the color you want in the thickness that can be covered with the bumps in these numbers.

You can get enough width when you start with 44 loops for making knitted men’s scarf. After that, you should complete the first two orders with reverse weave technique. Then you will continue to use two other inverted two flat knits, which you will use until the end of the battle.


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