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The Best Ways to Use and Protect the Leather Bags
You should not expose your bag to chemical substances (perfume, deodorant, sweat, etc.).
Perfume and deodorant create stains in the bag.
If you do not use paper when you fill it up, you will not fold the wrinkles.
You should not expose your bag to the sun.
Keep the bag case wrapped around your face while you’re wet.
Keep your leather bag away from cutting tools. If you come to the wrong place, get help from experts for repair.
The leather is water-permeable. However, after drying with a cotton cloth, leave it in its own state. Keep away from sources of heat such as heater, stove, etc.
You can protect your leather bag with leather bag cream or vaseline for rain and snow stains. When the stain is formed, moisten it and polish it.


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